About us

Eye-share AS provides software for electronic processing of incoming invoices and other documents and are providing solutions to over 500 customers. Our solutions are integrated with all leading financial management, accounting and procurement systems. Eye-share was established as a separate company in 2001 as a result of product development which started already in 1998.

Eye share AS is located in Stavanger, Norway with over 60 employees. Eye-share AS is owned by EVRY – a 10 000 personnel strong, leading Nordic IT company.

Vision: We make your ambitions a reality

Our aim with the eye-share application is to help make our customer’s ambitions reality by simplifying and optimizing the way they handle inbound invoices and other documents. The simpler this process is and the better it functions, the more time the customer will be able to dedicate to its core business. Furthermore, it is important to us that our employees are onboard with our vision.

We are a knowledge-based organization and all our employees have IT or economics degrees. We give our employees the opportunity to develop their skills and motivate them to grow into new roles and challenges as their level of expertise increases.




At eye-share we show respect for our customers and colleagues by familiarising ourselves with their values, opinions and needs. The better we are at respecting each other, the better we will be at our jobs and the better we will be able to understand our customers’ needs. Mutual respect is a source of motivation, inspiration and commitment.


Commitment and passion for what we do creates a dynamism that helps us express ourselves, be creative and contribute positively to our surroundings. Showing commitment to customers and colleagues enables us to be selfless and create a pleasant working environment.


Our products facilitate and optimise coordination and our customers are closely involved in developing our solutions further. In order to be able to deliver the best possible solutions, a well functioning collaboration must be in place between all our departments, from sales through support and deliveries to product development.


In order to be able to develop future oriented products and meet our customers’ needs and wishes we need to be innovative, creative and dare to think outside of the box. Within our organisation we focus on innovation with regard to both the organisation and our working methods.