Key people


Torhill Gysland Falnes

Managing Director

+47 480 19 744

Torhill has been Managing Director of Eye-share AS since March 2005. Torhill spent seven years with the EVRY Group (formerly EDB ErgoGroup) before joining the company where she was responsible for various development projects. Prior to this, she worked for other software companies and has extensive experience of the IT and software industry.

Torhill is a target focused and enthusiastic leader whose main task is to ensure that everyone in Eye-share focuses on meeting customer needs. She is also personally actively involved with partners and customers.

Torhill is an active and energetic person who enjoys keeping fit by cycling and skiing. She is highly competitive and keen to take on any challenges that come her way.


Jan Henning Birkenes

Head of administration and contracts

+47 480 19 714

Jan Henning has been with Eye-share since January 2001. Before joining the company he spent 13 years working as IT and project manager at Elf Aquitaine. He also has several years’ experience from working as a project manager for IBM. At Eye-share, Jan Henning’s title is Administration and contract manager. This means that he is in charge of all agreements and third-party orders and has overarching responsibility for all administrative matters, including invoicing.

Jan Henning is a quality focused, structured and highly organised person who ensures that we comply with all applicable regulations and routines.

Jan Henning likes to stay in shape and spends a lot of time in the gym. At home, his wife is in charge while Jan Henning is responsible for all DIY.



Kenneth Sætre

Sales Director

+47 904 14 174

Kenneth has 15 years of experience in international software sales and internationalization and has lived and worked both in London, Athens and Dubai.

Kenneth is a positive, goal-oriented sales professional and is responsible for sales and partner management.

Kenneth is a family man with an interest in technology, arts and music.

Torill 300x300

Torill Aase

Customer advisor/sales advisor

+47 480 19 780

Torill has been with Eye-share since the company’s beginnings in January 2001. Before joining the company she worked for EVRY (formerly Allianse og ErgoGroup) for most of her career. Torill has extensive experience in her field and has previously worked as developer, manager, product manager, advisor and sales advisor. She is patient and committed, loves to talk about and demonstrate Eye-share’s solutions and is happiest when she has the opportunity to travel to visit existing and potential customers.

Torill is sporty and likes to stay in shape, either on her bike or by taking long walks with friends. She is also a bit of a gadget geek; demonstrated by the fact that she is always online and that her iPhone is always up-to-date with the latest useful and not so useful apps.

Jan Erik Gausdal bw5

Jan Erik Gausdal

Sales Norway

+47 930 79 988

Jan Erik has 15 years of sales experience from different industries, of whom the last five have been in IT solutions and software. At Eye-share, Jan Erik will mainly focus on the Norwegian market.

In meeting with the customer, Jan Erik is always a good listener with the ability to understand the customer's standpoint and needs. He believes that communication between the customer and the supplier is crucial for optimal solutions and good cooperation.

Personally, Jan Erik is a busy family man, but he still has time for both social activities with friends and the gym. He also has a great interest in technology and fantasy literature.

Department Managers


Kai Mydland

Department Manager

+47 480 19 958

Kai started as a consultant at Eye-share in February 2006. Shortly after he was given responsibility for the integration development and then continued as a manager for one of two consultant teams. He has been responsible for the development department since August 2011.

As a Product Manager, Kai is a product owner for Eye-share’s products, head of the internal product Board and member of Eye-share’s management team.

Kai is an innovative and curious manager who is constantly looking at how we can use technology to create the best possible solutions for our customers.


Ørjan Olsen

Department Manager

+47 480 19 755

Ørjan started working at Eye-share in July 2007 as a consultant and was later promoted to Department manager. His extensive experience of eye-share and the solution, from both a user and a technician perspective, makes Ørjan an integral resource when it comes to designing solutions and following up on major customer accounts

Ørjan approaches his work in a structured and thorough manner and is responsible for managing resources and consultants.

Ørjan is interested in food and wine and has a penchant for the Premier League and the odd bet.


Liv Gilje-Sørnes

Department Manager
Project management

+47 958 81 374

Liv has been with Eye-share since September 2008. She divides her time between Department manager and Senior project manager duties. Liv previously spent 11 years at Øglænd System working in accounts and as a controller. This experience is useful to her now as it means that she is very familiar with our customers’ business and problems. Liv has a degree in economics with a focus on project management and is familiar with most of the accounting and procurement systems that eye-share integrates with.

Liv’s strengths include a good sense of initiative and relationship building and she enjoys thinking up successful solutions together with our customers.

Liv enjoys the good things in life, including food and wine, but is equally happy in the great outdoors. She is always positive and on the ball.


Siw Gjerdingen

Department Manager

+47 988 23 899

Siw has worked in Eye-share since July 2011. She started with us as a team leader for Support, before she took the role as Head of Department.

Siw started her work career as a programmer, but wanted to get closer to the end users and gradually started to work more with user documentation, support and training. Siw has a degree in Administrative computing and Business administration, and has taken subjects in Personnel and Management, and Payroll and personnel work. She likes to keep herself and the Eye-share support team organized and structured.

Siw loves gardening and starts next year's garden season right away when the seed catalogs appear around Christmas. She is also a passionate dog owner, and she loves the Norwegian Puffin Dog. She likes to experience new destinations in vacations, preferably where nature and walks are required.