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Information related to Corona virus from Eye-share AS
The following is information to our customers and partners on how Eye-share as a supplier takes preventive and risk-reducing actions with regards to the Corona Virus. The purpose of the actions we take is to reduce the risk of infection among our employees and secure business continuity for services critical to our customers and the society.

Eye-share is part of TietoEVRY where there are many people working on information and preventive measures. Among other things, we have created a global working group, nominated by senior management to monitor the situation, propose and make decisions and necessary measures, including communication on the subject.

The Corona Virus has spread extensively during the recent days in Norway and as of 12.03.20 we have taken the following measures:

  • Focus on hygiene in accordance with the Norwegian Directorate of Health's recommendations
  • Business Travel - employees are not allowed domestic or international travels
  • Home Office - In order to ensure business continuity all personnel who can work from home use their home offices (approx 80% of our employees)
  • Increased use of digital communication channels as Microsoft Teams/Skype, etc. All tasks and communication with customers and partners shall be maintained
  • We will ensure that all critical work is being performed and will impose overtime if necessary
  • Eye-share cannot instruct employees on questions related to personal travel or participation in private events, but on a general basis strongly recommend all employees to be cautious in this regard
  • Anyone who performs private travels in/to risk areas, will on return be quarantined for 14 days
  • All employees are asked to notify immediately if they are in contact with or may have been in contact with people with the virus. In these cases, we are considering an ongoing 14-day quarantine and home office.
  • All employees are instructed to immediately notify of any sickenss or quarantines.

Eye-share is continually monitoring the situation and will take any necessary measures going forward

Any questions? Please contact us
If you have any questions, please contact Torhill Falnes on or
by phone + 47 48 01 97 44.


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