eye-share for the Construction industry


A tailor-made invoice handling process for the Construction industry

eye-share Construction is eye-share Invoice tailor-made for the Construction industry. Our solution is well suited for owners, technical leaders, project managers and more. Recognized construction companies uses eye-share Invoice to handle incoming invoices and other documents within the construction industry.

Tailored for the construction industry
The industry is project oriented and often decentralized in areas with bad bandwidth. In addition, there are many claims and strict deadlines when it comes to reports and deposition. In this industry, it is a necessary to accrue non-approved invoices by the end of the month.

Time and money are important factors in the industry, and these operations are often spread over multiple locations. Electronic handling of incoming invoices and other documents is a step in the right direction towards paperless processes. It can also reduce some of the more time consuming tasks – and gives you more time to focus on more business related tasks.

eye-share Invoice is well-fitted for the construction industry for several reasons:

  • Functionality to handle claims
  • Functionality to handle stage-payments
  • Posting based on project
  • Workflow based on project
  • Projects across divisions and companies
  • Report exclusion to accrue expenses
  • Internal invoices between companies and projects


In addition, eye-share Invoice has several features:

  • OCR-scanning of paper invoices and import of pdf and electronic invoices achieves a paperless process which creates order in the office- in addition it has a positive impact on the environment
  • Access invoices everywhere- and approve on the go with smartphones and tablets
  • Workflow based on interpreted data saves you time and manual work
  • Simpler and faster handling of invoices and payment within due date saves you time and money
  • Automated 3-way-matching of PO makes sure specified criteria’s has to be met before the invoice can be forwarded to accounting
  • Reduce total handling-time drastically – from manual typing and posting to approval with the click of a mouse
  • Reduce manual work in every stage of the process
  • Automated follow-up of invoices


eye-share Invoice for the construction industry provides integration with several accounting and procurement systems.

A complete overview of status and location of all incoming invoices is immediately available, and automated, paperless processing provides less clutter and more time spent working on industry related tasks.

More functionality with add-ons
Many companies use additional modules for extra functionality tailored for their company and industry.

  • eye-share AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) makes the approval process simpler when investing in materials, machines and other investments that require additional approval
  • KPI-reports (eye-share Report) gives immediate access to useful data to be able to identify performance issues and bottlenecks in the accounting process


eye-share Construction is integrated with solutions from IBS, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamic AX, Maconomy and others.

Eye-share has multiple customers and partners in the Construction industry

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