Eye-share and GDPR

The date is quickly approaching for implementation of EU’s personal data protection regulations, also known as GDPR. Eye-share is working to ensure that both our organization and products are compliant with this new regulation.

To clarify the responsibilities and ramifications of GDPR between the data processor (Eye-share) and Dataowner (Customer), Eye-share wishes to establish a Data Processing Agreement with all customers. More information will be sent to our customers in the coming weeks.

Eye-share has adopted a “Privacy by design” and “Security by design” focus in the development of our software products. In conjunction with the new regulations, there are several functions developed for the latest version of eye-share that will support users of our products to follow GDPR compliant processes. Among changes to expect in our application are the following:

  • Possibility for administrators to delete personal data
  • Reports to shows users who can view their personal data
  • Notification of storage of personal data and acceptance of terms of use

As a customer of Eye-share, you will receive more information in the coming weeks until GDPR goes into effect May 25th, 2018.

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