Eye-share’s cloud cooperation with Microsoft as a case study

Eye-share’s progress in cloud technology and cooperation with Microsoft has become a case study at Microsoft and EVRY.

Infrastructure Developer at Eye-share, Terje Torkelsen, was recently interviewed by Microsoft regarding Eye-share’s use of Azure Stack.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible and public cloud computing platform created by Microsoft, and consists of a large number of global data centers worldwide. Azure Stack is a local version of Azure where everything goes through and is stored in local data centers.

Extract from EVRY’s case study:

Why Eye-share are moving to the cloud
A few years ago Eye-share started the process of rewriting our application. We knew from the start that if Eye-share wanted to be competitive we had to lower the implementation cost, be able to deliver faster and with higher quality. Moving our development and test environments to the public cloud we have managed to shorten the release cycle significantly and quality test faster. We have learned a lot from this and are now starting to see more acceptance among our customers for hosting in the cloud.

This is very exciting for Eye-share and we are looking forward to moving more of our production workload to the cloud. We are most excited about the flexibility. Being able to move resources seamlessly from Azure to Azure stack.

With Azure Stack we know exactly where data is stored
With Azure Stack we can now utilize the full power of Azure and know exactly where data is stored. Eye-share can offer our customers a complete solution where we take responsibility of hosting. This opens up new opportunities for us. Some of our customers are bound by national regulations and we are now in the position of providing storage meeting their requirements.

Read more here: https://www.evry.com/no/kunder/eye-share/

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