eye-share Invoice

Tailored invoice automation
for inbound invoices

Speed up your invoice processing and reduce costs!

Does someone in your organization copy invoices for their own archives? Do you spend a lot of time matching invoices against purchase orders? Do invoices ever go missing in the approval process?

With eye-share Invoice, you no longer need to spend valuable time and resources on the manual processing of your company’s invoices.

Eye-share delivers invoice automation tailored to your business.

eye-share Invoice gives you

  • Reduced processing time with inbound invoices
  • Pre-defined workflows
  • Alignment with the company's accounting and procurement systems
  • A modern user interface

Important functionality in eye-share Invoice

  • Automated registration of voucher information
  • Digital workflow with approval and authorization for payment
  • Electronic archive and retrieval with search functionality
  • Invoice follow-up throughout the process
  • Automatic e-mail reminders
  • Integration with accounting and procurement systems

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What Our Customers Say

When all invoices are registered immediately, we can always see the actual liquidity in the company.

- Kristen Kildal, Sub Sea Services

Eye-share wanted to adapt the system to our needs.

- John Murray, Blystad Gruppen 

We have experienced time savings of 80 percent after implementation of eye-share Invoice. The time savings are enormous.

- John Åge Mjåland, AS Nymo


All types of invoices can be distributed and processed in a predefined workflow

eye-share Invoice will let you register invoices of all formats and put them in your established workflow. Invoices in any format are supported, such as paper invoices, PDF invoices and e-invoices.

eye-share Workflow

eye-share Process

Scanning and interpretation
Scanning of paper invoices can be done centrally or in the organization. PDF invoices are imported directly and sent for interpretation automatically.

e-invoices are read directly into eye-share Invoice without the need for scanning and interpretation. The interpretation programme (OCR) automatically locates the correct fields on the invoice, e.g. invoice no, invoice date, amount, etc.

If the software is unable to locate all the fields the first time, a template is made to teach it where to find the fields next time. Quality control then ensures that the interpretation is correct.

Purchase order, project or reference numbers can be used to determine who should receive an invoice for approval.

The approval process
The approval process routines vary slightly from organization to organization.

Some fill in all the necessary information before the invoice is sent out while others leave this to those responsible for approval. The accounting dimension used is that of the accounting system.

When the accounting postings are assigned it is checked against the valid values in the accounting system, as well as against the limits of the approver’s mandates. Approvals are logged using signatures and date.

E-mail is used to notify you that there are invoices awaiting approval and to remind you when you fail to approve within the deadline established. You will receive an e-mail with a link to the invoice in question.

eye-share Invoice gives you the option of giving invoices “On hold” or “Do not authorize” statuses, or to “Change approver”. These functions require you to add a comment, which is very useful for accounts department staff.

The approval process – invoices with purchase order numbers
If an invoice has a purchase order number, eye-share Invoice will check that the invoice corresponds to the purchase order and goods received.

A range of checks are performed with regards to supplier, currency, partial deliveries, previous invoices, amount limits and similar.

If the invoice matches it can automatically be approved in eye-share Invoice. If it does not match, it is automatically sent for deviation handling, normally by the purchaser.

eye-share Invoice archives invoices with image and information, including comments and log. The invoice can easily be retrieved using the search function.

Invoices are transferred to the organization’s accounting and procurement system where the invoice is posted and purchase order information updated.

eye-share Invoice also offers the possibility of having a link from the accounting and procurement systems to the invoice in eye-share Invoice.