New case study: Fatland

New case study published.

Implementing eye-share Invoice has meant that for the slaughterhouse and meat processing company Fatland, dunnings and debt collection claims are a thing of the past.

The Fatland Group has offices and production facilities in four different locations in Western and Eastern Norway. By implementing eye-share Invoice in 2016, the Group was able to take full control of their invoice workflow.

“The level of control we have achieved by using eye-share Invoice is essential for the Group. We always know where every single invoice is, and that all invoices flow through the same system. We know that if the invoice can’t be found there, we haven’t received that invoice. We have had a few instances where we have disagreed with the vendors, where the vendors usually have been wrong because we now have a consistent and clear way to do it. It’s very rare that vouchers disappear. Eye share and the stability of the software is great”, Roar Malmin says. He is the Chief Financial Officer in Fatland Jæren AS, and in charge of the consolidated accounts.

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