eye-share AFE


Investment approval made easy and auditable!

eye-share AFE (Authorization for Expenditure) is a module for authorization of AFE’s, developed for companies who has large investments and need a way to approve these in a quality assured way.

Key functions

  • Information on the investment is loaded in
    eye-share AFE or in a custom form
  • The document can be circulated for editing
    and completion
  • The document can be sent for approval
  • The approval process is dependant on the
    amount and whether the investment is budgeted
  • Ability to “Approve” or “Not approve”
  • Easy to check where a document is in the process
  • Search key fields and statuses
  • Notification by e-mail when an AFE is ready for approval
  • Reminder if you don’t process an AFE
  • Archive of all AFE’s


The process of getting AFE’s approved can be time consuming and cumbersome – especially since the approvers are busy people often traveling and potentially located in different countries. Furthermore, there are often several people involved in the process, which needs to see each other comments when they process the AFE. Approvers are also often pressed on time, which increases the risk of taking a decision without having the full picture.

eye-share AFE provides a simple and good overview of all documentation related to each AFE, which allows for increased effiency and control. The system allows you to work with your AFE’s through an effective workflow with all comments from co-workers available. Furthermore, eye-share AFE records all information from the workflow and builds a searchable archive where all data is available for audit.

In large organizations, strictly limiting purchase amounts to authorized employees is key to prevent fraud and abuse, and this process will help you define proper authorization levels to employees.