eye-share Archive

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A cost-effective and flexible document archive

Remove paper clutter with eye-share Archive and start running your business more efficiently. eye-share Archive convert documents and other papers into digital form which can help your business save money, boost productivity, save space, keep personal information more secure, and help the environment.

It would mean your staff could easily find, share and process any kind of document.

Key functions

  • Complete document archive
  • Groups and structure by requirements
  • Very flexible and with no limitations in how documents can be structured
  • A fully generic product customized by the users
  • Staff in different branches can share files and documents
  • Searchable on text, title, attributes, responsible etc
  • Gives staff 24/7 online access to documents
  • Reduced costs and less clutter compared to an in-house archive
  • Less paper saves office space and the environment


Extremely flexible

eye-share Archive is a system used to capture, index, categorise and store documents so that they can quickly and easily be tracked and accessed. The system can be used for any kind of documents and electronic media.

One of the big advantages is the systems capability of categorizing or indexing all kinds of document types. Indexing may be as simple as keeping track of unique document identifiers, but more often takes a more complex form, providing classification through the documents metadata (index data).

eye-share Archive allows companies to structure its different documents by indexing and categorizing them by the use of configurable attributes. This makes the system extremely flexible with basically no limitations in how one can group and structure documents.

The archive is a generic product which will be structured and adapted to the user. Documents can easily be retrieved with the built in search capability that enables searches on metadata and various document attributes.

eye-share Archive can be used for packing slips, applications, press clips, certifications, agreements and more.


Key reasons for introducing electronic archiving today are the legal requirements regarding long-term, audit-proof storage of business documents (compliance) and the need for standardised access to all information within the organisation so that it is available to be used at any time within the business processes.

eye-share Archive ensures long-term security of the information and facilitates cost-effective, audit-proof retention and efficient document management.

24/7 access from any location

Because your archive is online, it gives your staff the freedom to access shared files and documents from any office branch. It also gives them the flexibility to work extremely productively from home and away.

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