eye-share Capture Services

Capture 1300

Let Eye-share handle the entire invoice reception

eye-share Capture Services enables you to outsource the invoice reception to

Eye-share will receive invoices on a dedicated email address - either
directly from the supplier or as a PDF from the customer. This allows the company to outsource the interpretation and verification process when receiving an invoice.

Key features

  • Let Eye-share handle the entire invoice reception
  • Outsource the interpretation and verification process when receiving invoices in your company

Eye-share ensures that both the interpreted data and the image file are sent to
a set workflow system, usually eye-share Invoice for our customers. We deliver
in a format compatible to the processing system - this is a seamless operation
when transferred to eye-share Invoice.

eye-share Capture monitors an e-mail address dedicated to invoices. The invoices arrive as PDFs (one PDF per invoice) and are continuously downloaded and transferred to OCR software.

Process overview

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Reception of paper invoices

Reception of paper invoices is an option, although a more complex process. A custom mailbox to retrieve mail is created for the customer, and Eye-share does the manual work of open the envelopes, scan, verify and shred the invoice.

eye-share Capture OCR software will immediately start interpreting the invoice and display the information to the verifier who makes adjustments if necessary.

The default fields in the saved file:

  • Scan / serial number
  • Company number
  • Bank account
  • Org / VAT
  • Credit note (YES / NO)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Due date
  • CID
  • Amount
  • VAT amount
  • Currency
  • Order number

All received invoices will be processed within 1 business day.

We also offer optimization to ensure that suppliers get the best possible follow-up and transition to electronic invoices.