eye-share Contract


Business contract overview and access!

eye-share Contract can be used to manage contracts or any other significant documents where digitalization and electronic archiving enables easier access, traceability and management of important documents.

Key functions

  • Digital access to contracts
  • Search contract archives
  • Saving of vouchers associated with the contracts
  • E-mail notifications
  • Access control

Better overview and easy access

Do you find it hard to maintain an overview of contracts entered into with various suppliers? Is it difficult for you to keep track of when contracts expire or when agreement options need to be followed up? Perhaps you struggle to retrieve and access contracts held in departments other than the one where you are located? eye-share Contract can help eliminate all these issues!

eye-share Contract organises all your contracts and documents electronically, giving you a better overview and easy access; anywhere, any time. The solution makes it easier to ensure that contracts are followed up by the individuals responsible, with regard to the warranty periods, prices, index adjustments and expiry dates for each individual contract. It is also easy to check invoices against contracts as these are stored in the same interface.