General Ledger

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Make your entire accounts department paperless!

General Ledger is an add-on module that enables the management of all types of vouchers in eye-share invoice solution. Accounting vouchers can be linked to the workflow and transferred to the client’s accounting system.

Examples of voucher types

  • Corrections
  • Elimination/deposit
  • Bank and cash vouchers
  • Depreciations
  • Internal transfers


A paperless department
The first step is to digitalise the process for inbound invoices. Do you still manage other business vouchers on paper? Do you often make deposits and corrections? Would you prefer if these were available electronically?

General Ledger creates vouchers directly in module.  Paper vouchers can be scanned in the same way as invoices. Excel format vouchers can be imported directly as posting on the voucher. Vouchers can be sent for approval if required or transferred directly to the accounting system for posting.

Elimination/deposit vouchers can be created manually in General Ledger or generated automatically based on open invoices in eye-share Invoice. The elimination/deposit voucher is created based on invoice information and any postings from the invoice and the voucher can easily be reversed the following month.