eye-share Capture

invoice scanning and capture

Advanced tool for invoice scanning and capture

Digitalise your documents using eye-share Capture. eye-share Capture is a complete and modern tool for invoice scanning and capture, as well as interpreting and validating of invoices, PDF and other paper documents.

eye-share Capture offers full control of important information.

eye-share Capture is developed using new technology, and the software functionality is being further developed and refined from the needs of our customers. eye-share Capture can identify and interpret item lines from invoices, and can be delivered both on-premise and as a cloud solution.

Captured documents can be forwarded to eye-share Invoice for workflow, retrieval and archiving.

Key functions

  • Invoice scanning and capture - digitalises documents
  • Easy and user-friendly web-based interface
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Identification and interpretation of item lines from invoices
  • Automatic handling of PDF invoices
  • Scan and verify in different locations
  • Selection of workflow for use in eye-share Invoice

Capture key information

eye-share Capture receives invoices and other documents from various sources and helps you go paperless. Scanning can be done using a document scanner or multifunctional machine.

The purpose of automatic invoice scanning and capture is to reduce the cost involved in invoice management, to reduce the percentage of error, and to increase data quality – thus reducing manual work procedures.

eye-share Capture can interpret documents so that key information in the document is identified automatically. This information is then quality-checked manually before the digital document and the key information is forwarded to the workflow system which may be eye-share Invoice, eye-share Contract, eye-share General Ledger vouchers or any other system.

eye-share Capture imports several formats:

  • PDF
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • JPEG / JPG

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