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Accurate and intelligent Invoice scanning!

eye-share Capture is a complete solution for automated scanning, OCR interpretation and verification of paper and PDF invoices and other documents.

The solution supports over 130 languages, all types of scanners, has an out of the box hit ratio of 85 % and learns unique patterns per supplier automatically. For incoming invoices, the solution provides header and line item interpretation which can be set on a per supplier level. Digitalized and interpreted documents can be forwarded to eye-share Workflow and many leading ERP systems.


  • Reduce cost in invoice management
  • Improve the process through automation
  • Reduce manual work
  • Increase effeciency
  • Easy to use

Key information

eye-share Capture receives invoices and other documents from various sources and helps you go paperless. The solution imports several different formats.

The purpose of automatic invoice scanning and capture is to reduce the cost involved in invoice management, to reduce the percentage of error, and to increase data quality – thus reducing manual work routines.

eye-share Capture can interpret documents so that key information in the document is identified automatically. This information is then quality-checked manually before the digital document and the key information is forwarded to the workflow system which may be eye-share Workflow or any other system.

Key functionality

  • Invoice scanning and capture - digitizes documents
  • Automatic interpretation
  • Identification and interpretation of item lines from invoices
  • Automatic handling of PDF invoices
  • Scan and verify in different locations
  • Selection of workflow for use in eye-share Workflow

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