eye-share Mobile

eye-share Mobil

Manage invoices, travel expenses and other expenses on the go

With eye-share Mobile you can easily manage invoices, travel expenses and other expenses anytime and everywhere directly from your mobile devices.eye-share Mobile is a solution for all smartphones and tablets with a new and modern interface.

eye-share Mobile will mirror your eye-share installation, offering functionality on user-level. The module is a supplement to your pc and office desk, and are offering eye-share functionality on the go.

eye-share Mobile gives the user freedom; use your PC when appropriate - use your mobile phone in other scenarios. Clicking on a link will open the document in the format you are using at the time, whether it’s pc or mobile.

Key functions

  • Approve invoices
  • Post invoices
  • Put invoices on hold
  • Change approving party
  • Return invoices to accounts
  • Add comments


Supported modules

  • eye-share Invoice
  • eye-share Expenses
  • eye-share Travel
  • ...and more modules in development