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Discover trends, patterns, and identify bottlenecks!

eye-share Report gives instant access to a multitude of data to let you unveil performance problems or bottlenecks in your accounts payable process.

Standard reports:

  • Purchase order percentage (KPI)
  • Match percent purchase order (KPI)
  • Invoice average approval time (KPI)
  • Invoice final approved in time (KPI)
  • Processed/not processed in time (KPI)
  • Processing time (KPI)
  • No supplier information on import (KPI)
  • Bottleneck report on user-level (approval time per user)
  • Percentage of invoices automatically in flow (and why/source/template)
  • Due invoices (at supplier level)
  • Match percentage per supplier
  • Turnover per supplier
  • Distribution of documents per source (e-invoice, scanned, etc.), at supplier level if needed
  • User changes
  • Access changes
  • Approval rules changes (mandates)


eye-share Report transforms raw data into clear and intuitive charts that allows you to quickly gain in-depth insight to the statistics.

You can export lists and searches to Microsoft Excel for easy overview of invoices and coding, in pivot tables and more. eye-share Report will help you to take proper actions to improve production, enhance processes, and increase performance.

The system gives you an opportunity to identify warning trends and take action before it is too late. There are 15 standardized reports, including KPI reports, but you can also order your own customized reports. Reports are shown as graphs or tables and can be exported to Excel or printed.

It is also possible to subscribe to reports, and to create tailored reports using MS Power BI.

eye-share Report – Benefits in brief:

  • Accuracy: Web based reports run in real-time – guaranteeing that your reports will be current. There are no dated copies floating around, which save companies time, money – and paper
  • Time savings: Since all process data is available in Eye-share, reports are generated with a click of a button
  • Security: Password-protection and a secure validation process, limits viewing and downloading only to authorized staff


Key functions

  • Create and distribute reports
  • Analyze and compare data using graphs
  • Identify bottlenecks to enhance performance
  • Discover warning trends before it is to late
  • Distribute reports easily
  • Subscribe to reports and get them
    via email on set dates
  • Create and report on your KPI’s
  • Comes with 15 set reports
  • Drill down capability


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