eye-share Requisition


A requisition system integrated in eye-share!

Does your company often pay smaller amounts without an approval in advance? Do you ever order goods or services which are not registered in the procurement system, or do you not have a procurement system? Do you want to order goods or services based on predefines articles?

Key functions

  • Approval of requisitions before ordering
  • Article directory for prices on goods and services
  • Overview over all requisitions in an archive
  • Easy to search requisitions and check status
  • Matching of price – invoice vs requisition
  • Follow-up on suppliers


Better control on costs
Many companies introduces approval on requisitions to better control costs. Common procurement systems usually handles all larger amounts or orders related to production, deliveries etc. eye-share Requisition can be used for internal orders based on a list of articles, administrative costs, or as a light purchasing order system for minor or simple procurement processes.

Several companies does not need large and cumbersome procurement systems. They need a system where the employees can register procurement needs (requisitions), get the requisition approved by budget responsible, send an electronic order to the supplier and matched against this order when the invoice arrives.

Optimized purchasing solution
With increased automation on purchasing processes, the ability to handle various types of purchases is essential for optimizing the procurement solution for the individual company, and a requisition system will help the organization’s internal financial control.

In eye-share Requisition one can create an order and add your own items or pick items from an article register. This register can be imported or easily built up on your own. All orders get a unique order number with a prefix to distinguish them from any procurement system that is in use. The order is created in a PDF format that can be sent automatically or manually to the supplier. When the invoice arrives to eye-share Invoice, it will check the corresponding order in the requisition system. If the amount and price does not match, the invoice is sent to the purchasing manager who makes the necessary adjustments before the invoice is paid.

Integration between eye-share Requsition and eye-share Invoice supports multiple order number on the same invoice and partial deliveries/invoicing. Searching and archiving is standard eye-share functionality.

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