eye-share SharePoint Webparts


Access your invoices from a SharePoint portal!

eye-share SharePoint Webparts makes selected data from eye-share Invoice available in an existing SharePoint portal.

Key functions

  • Access your invoices from SharePoint
  • Provides a good overview and call to action
  • Search functionality
  • Sort your invoices
  • Possibilities to add functionality based on the customers preferences


The functionality shows invoices awaiting your approval, and provides you with the ability to sort the invoices or open the invoice for approval in eye-share Invoice with a single click.

In addition it gives you the ability to search on invoice number and supplier name for all invoices within Sharepoint. Other functions can be available if you have other requirements.

The solution is designed for eye-share Invoice version 4.4 or later, and requires a local installation of Microsoft Sharepoint 2010. Additional versions will be supported by request.

Click the image for a detailed view