Need help getting your invoices processed on time?

We are in an extraordinary situation that affects all of us. We in Eye-share are aware that the times ahead can become challenging for many of our customers in terms of capacity to perform day to day activities. Your own resources are maybe already, or may be absent due to quarantine, sick leave or child care. Many companies may need help to maintain daily tasks despite reduced resource capacity while at the same time some tasks have to be performed.

Eye-share can help you reduce the dramatical consequences the Covid 19 virus may have on your business, and help you get your invoices processed on time.

We are 100% operative
The safety and well-being of our employees in Eye-share are of course our top priority. 95% of our staff are now working from their homeoffices with equipment that makes us fully operational. This means that we can also help our customers with their daily tasks.

We can help to keep the wheels turning
Our further priority is to provide continuity for our services to support our customers and we are working hard to solve cases reported to our Support service team. At the same time, we are aware that resources for some of our customers already is or may become absent and that we have a skilled workforce available to help.

Need help getting your invoices processed on time
We have skilled advisors that can assist your company with follow-up of the invoice processing. Examples of what we can assist with:

  • Invoice verification
  • Start approval workflows
  • Check matching on orders
  • Guidance, tips and tricks
  • Clarifications
  • Day to day support, including end user support

You are welcome to contact us
We can now offer reduced hourly rates on our consulting services during these times of crises. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need our help, have questions or want an offer.

Torhill Falnes
Managing Director
+ 47 48 01 97 44

Kenneth Sætre
Sales Director
+ 47 90 41 41 74



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